Aims and Scope

IHUIS wants:
1- To be effective in creating Islamic unity.
2- To be a leader in the production of Islamic scientific theories in the world.
3- It should be a platform for thinking in the direction of Islamic civilization.
4- To respond to the real needs of human beings in Islamic humanities.
5- Destroy the domination of atheistic thoughts in the world of science.
6- To taste the pleasure of thinking based on the religion of Islam, the Qur'an and the hadiths to the world of science.

Scope of IHUIS:
1- Islamic management, especially jihadi management
2- Islamic economics, especially anti-sanctions economics and resistance economics
3- Islamic culture, especially culture based on the manners of Imams and the Qur'an
4- Issues related to humanities and Islamic sciences
5- Issues of humanities in Islamic countries
6- Promoting the culture of Islamic resistance