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International Journal of Imam Hossein University Islamic Studies

  • The Journal of Islamic Studies of Imam Hussein University (ISIHU) is a multidisciplinary publication dedicated to the scientific study of all aspects of Islam and the Islamic world in the second step of the Islamic Revolution. It pays special attention to works related to management, culture, political science, economics, resistance economics, anthropology, sociology, law and international relations in Islamic teachings and religious sources. Of course, scientific topics related to resistance economics and anti-sanctions economics, along with addressing jihadist management models, are a top priority of this international journal. This journal tries to make Islam and the original Islamic sources (Holy Quran, hadiths and traditions of Imams, the tradition of divine prophets and reason connected to revelation) as the main focus of its academic research and to encourage a comprehensive study of its various aspects. Providing a context for the study of Islam and Muslim communities in their global context; Encourage interdisciplinary studies of the Islamic world that are international and comparative. To promote dissemination, exchange and discussion of research findings; And encourage interaction between academics from different learning traditions.